What should I be aware of if I want Fortin to install my ironwork?

All Installation procedures shall be in compliance to Fortin Ironwork standards. Purchaser is required to obtain any required permits, variance or deed restriction approvals allowing Fortin to complete the job as outlined. Purchaser agrees to pay for any necessary permits and/or surveys to establish property lines. Purchaser agrees to clear area of any obstruction that may interfere with installation. Purchaser should mark all underground lines and / or obstructions that could be damaged during installation, this includes utility lines such as gas, electric, water, phone, cable, sprinkler, drainage, etc. Purchaser is responsible to pay for damages on underground lines should they occur. Be aware that damaged lines can go unnoticed by our installer. Fortin will not haul away dirt but will relocate on property. If drilling into stone or brick is required for installation, cracks may develop. Purchaser is responsible for any damage that may develop after installing into stone or brick surfaces.

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