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Items We Can Provide To You

  • Planter fence - Protective & attractive barrier around trees, landscape & hardscapes.
  • Archways - Decorative entrance accents to draw attention.
  • Benches - We can incorporate your logo into our ultra-heavy duty park bench.
  • Accent Gates - Used for decorative attractions or to restrict access to non-public areas.
  • Basketball Units - Our patented ultra-heavy duty basketball goals. Available painted or galvanized to meet your specifications
  • Lacrosse & Soccer Goals - No open park is complete without a place to compete. Great for intramural as well as league play.
  • Hanging Baskets & Brackets - Used for plantings, shelves or purely decorative.
  • Bike Racks - Reduce cluttered areas and improve safety by giving your riders a place to lock up their bikes.
  • Bollards - Protect vulnerable areas from traffic damage.
  • A/C Security Cages - Exterior HVAC units are expensive, protect them from theft.
  • Outdoor Sculptures - Choose from several pre-fabricated sculptures or give us a design and we will fabricate it for you.
  • Hitching posts -
  • Skate Board Guards - Protect vulnerable concrete and wood structures against skate board damage.
  • Specialty Signage & Plaques - We can incorporate your logo or design into any of our durable products.
  • Gazebos - Provide your clients with a beautiful sanctuary to dine or rest under.
  • Small Bridges & Access Ramps - Accessibility is very important to your clients. Provide them with beautiful and durable ways to get around.
  • Coat Racks & Umbrella Holders - Reduce the clutter and provide a convenient place to place coats & umbrellas.
  • Tree Guards - Protect your greenery from landscapers and animal damage.
  • Guard Rails - Used to enclose areas where alcohol will be served

Any Style! Any Size! Any Logo!